• Talent program 2018

  • The App Academy & Young Mavericks

    In 2017 The App Academy and Young Mavericks started an exclusive partnership. By combining our forces we aim to fill the demand for skilled developers with our talent programs and support companies build their in-house development teams.


    Each 2-year program starts with an advanced iOS or Android bootcamp. This training offers the latest mobile technologies of both platforms. We strive for high quality software development expertise and to reach that goal our team of instructors and consultants work together with partners.

  • How It Works



    If you have the ambition to become a professional mobile app developer, we invite you to apply.



    Once we offer you a contract the 2-year programma starts with an intensive advanced bootcamp training.



    After the bootcamp you start your new career as a mobile app developer through Young Mavericks.

  • Boost your career into mobile tech

    If you're looking for the next step in your professional career, our programma is the fastest way to go.